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This time, in the column I SHARE GGG HISTORY, we talked to the production manager Mantas Grigaliūnas, who is counting his eleventh year of work at the company Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla.

In 2020, Dainius Ivanauskas has joined the GGG team, who also holds the position of production manager. We wish him the best of luck and good results.


Mantas, tell me how you chose your profession. Have you been firmly determined on which path you want to take?

As far I can remember from childhood, I wanted to be a businessman. I chose to study civil engineering, and graduated in the midst of the financial crisis in 2009. At that time, the construction sector was hit very hard. Therefore, I decided to choose another field, which seems interesting, complicated and uncommon to me. So I approached the only ammunition factory in Lithuania, GGG. This year I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my work. During this period I worked in five positions.

2010 was the first year of your work at Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla. You are growing up and improve together with the company. What are the most important company events you have experienced since then?

From my perspective, I could mention several important events. Firstly, we have entered the civilian market by expanding the production range and introducing new design cartridges to shooters. We strengthened our well-functioning marketing team, and started participating in international exhibitions. We are much better known and visible around the world now. Secondly, we increased production capacity. We purchased some of the much-needed equipment which expanded the production line of cases. And we hope that this will continue.

In the company the work process is organized in two shifts (morning and afternoon shifts). How do you arrange tasks and distribute them? Could you describe your current duties?

At each shift, work begins with plans that require human resources, materials, tools, and so on. As needed, employees are divided into work zones, each of whom knows his/her goal of the day. And the rest of the team strives to ensure that each goal is achieved as effectively as possible.

Training new employees and organizing their work is an important part of your job. How do you introduce a new employee to work? What are the key steps?

First of all, I would like to mention that the Manurhin ammunition production technological equipment is the only one implemented in Lithuania. Each new employee is taught the specific work by an “old-timer” employee.
The selected and recruited employee is acquainted with the instructions on occupational safety, health and fire safety, training programme, integrated management system, production technological process, and main functions in the workplace. He is provided with occupational safety equipment and introduced to the team and the mentor. Then, the mentor acquaints the employee with the equipment in the workplace, their specifics, and technological documentation. He conveys his accumulated experience and knowledge. After the initial training, the employee begins to work independently under the periodic supervision of the production manager. During the observation, the employee is trained to perform the work as efficiently as possible. All issues and problems that arise during production are addressed. After working independently, the employee is evaluated by a occasion commission and a decision is made the regarding his further work in the company.

All operations in the production process take place in certain work areas. Can you single out any work area you would like to introduce to readers?

All the operations in the production process are individual and at the same time interesting, but I think I would single out the collection of cartridges. This reflects the contribution of virtually the entire team to the end result. Also, cartridges are collected in a pyrotechnic area subject to very strict work safety and fire safety requirements. Throughout the year, a uniform microclimate is maintained in the work area. The loading of cartridge is done with utmost precision, e.g. the powder mass the is measured to the nearest thousandth of a gram, and dispersion tests of the collected cartridges are carried out in the closed 580 m long shooting range.

What are the biggest challenges in your work? Do you experience a lot of stress? How do you cope with it?

The biggest challenge is the way towards the goal to be achieved. I wish it was as short as possible each time. Of course, stressful situations do occur. First, we solve those situations. Then we can relax, for example, in nature, in the fresh air. Anyway, a lot of good ideas are born in such an environment. I also like sports and sleeping well from time to time.

What expectations do you have for yourself? What specific changes would you like to see in your team and in GGG?

I am infinitely demanding of myself and the people around me. I am very happy if I manage to achieve the result seamlessly, if not, I try to accept it as a lesson and move on. The fewer such negative lessons, the better. I would like for GGG not to stop moving forward either. I think it requires investment and development.

I know that you admire very strong people, prominent personalities. Could you name specific personalities that inspire you and fascinate, and who you believe in?

It is always useful to listen and hear the thoughts of people who have achieved a lot in their lives. In particular, those who willingly share their various experiences, and are not afraid to go public with their personal opinion. I’m glad that increasingly more of these prominent figures are speaking out. I would not mention specific personalities because everyone of them is all individual and interesting in its own way. And their life paths are different.

You are particularly interested in heavy military equipment and love music. These are very different areas. Maybe you have a special vehicle in your yard, or maybe you dream of buying one?
What is your favorite genre of music?

For me, all military technology and engineering is an interesting field that attracts me a lot. I read a lot about tanks and their capabilities on the battlefield.
I couldn’t single out any one genre of music, as it may depend more on the mood prevailing at the time. I focus on quality, musical works.

What are your thoughts today when everyone says that the world will be different after the COVID-19 pandemic?
What changes do you think await us?

I think that, first of all, many people should devote more time to taking care of their lifestyle and health as much as possible. Thus far, I would not venture to predict future changes. I think we should take all this as a lesson and learn from it.

And finally, if you had to give a short message to a news portal describing the company's activities, how would it sound?

For peace!