The International Shooting Competition Snipers’ Fest 2018
2018 / 09 / 19 Back to event list

On September 19,20, 2018 Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla (GGG) was invited as a guest to the International Shooting Competition Snipers' Fest 2018 in Rukla, Gaiziunai ground. Nine NATO countries participated in the event: Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany, and Ukraine. Ukrainian sniper instructors participated for the first time. Overall, more than one hundred snipers competed for the best sniper’s name.

September 19 was appointed for zeroing weapons, sharing experience and testing other participants’ weapons. The competition was held on September 20. Snipers demonstrated the capabilities of the equipment to hit targets of different complexity.

Since 2009 Snipers’ Fest has been organized by the Lithuanian Armed Land Force Juozas Luksa Training Center, the Public Security Service under the Ministry of Interior and the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union. The Lithuanian Long Range Shooting Federation joined this team this year.

The aims of the competition:

  • nurture of sniper shooting traditions
  • experience exchange
  • communicate and popularize snipers shooting and profession among Lithuanian defence structures and NATO partners.


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